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Dr. Diego Murcia presenting Joseph Bairaktaris with the 2016 iMed Centers Scholarship

Dr. Diego Murcia presenting Joseph Bairaktaris with the 2016 iMed Centers Scholarship


Who can apply:

Our iMed Centers Scholarship is available to:

How to apply

The 2017 iMed Centers Scholarship application will be available on February 6, 2017
Download the application here
or ask your school guidance counselor for a copy of the application. Mail the application and required documents to:

Norwalk Integrated Medical Center
Attn: iMed Centers Scholarships
365 Westport Ave, Suite 3
Norwalk, CT 06851


All entries must be postmarked before midnight on April 28, 2017 or dropped off at our
Norwalk office by 5:00 pm. Entries sent by e­mail or after the deadline will not be
accepted. iMed Centers will not be responsible for any late, lost or damaged entries.