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August 2012 – Google User

Great, professional and welcoming staff! Wonderful experience overall. I would recommend it to anyone!! Great quality of patient care…it was very convenient to be able to receive chiro, physical therapy, and massage therapy treatments all at one location!!

Reviews Directly from Yelp!

yelp-5-star (1)8/10/2014 – Zulma C.

I really love this place! DR. D is very friendly and genuinely caring. Explains therapy and expected results and time line. Has worked with me constantly to ensure I follow trough with treatment to avoid my condition from progressing. Always willing to provide advice for at home exercises and or treatments! The staff is always friendly and follow up with me to ensure therapy is having expected results. – Norwalk Office

5/3/2014 – Jen W.yelp-5-star (1)

I went to this provider for the treatment of sciatica and I continue to use their services. I have had a very great experience interacting with all aspects of this provider. All of the staff are friendly, professional and caring. The facility is a calm, non-hectic environment and is always clean and organized. What I like most about the “integrated” approach is that you get a lot of various treatments in one visit. Just to name a few of the treatments: massage, exercises, cold laser, electric stimulation, and spinal adjustment. I would highly recommend this provider.

10/17/2011 – Marissa S.yelp-5-star (1)

I am a patient for both chiropractic care and massage,both help me with the chronic pain I live with,resulting from two serious car accidents.If you have muscular pain,this is the best for a good therapeutic massage.

8/29/2014 – Rocky G.yelp-5-star (1)

This medical facility offers outstanding service! Great doctors! & Great staff! Your needs are definitely met through physical therapy services, massages, chiropractic care, sports medicine & medical care. Doctors are all very friendly, caring, & thorough. Very clean office as well.

8/26/2014 – Carol M.yelp-5-star (1)

Outstanding integrated center, staff and doctors are super accommodating!! Very friendly and caring always feel welcomed!!