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The iMed Advantage

You have numerous options when looking for pain relief, however, it’s important to take your time and try to identify which office is right for you.  At Integrated Medical Centers, we pride ourselves in providing patient centered care that gets results.  Below are some the reasons Integrated Medical Centers should be your first stop for pain relief.

1. Multiple Specialties

Integrated Medical Centers offers multiple specialties in one location, which facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of muculoskeletal conditions.



2. Individualized Care

After a thorough physical exam and diagnosis, each of our patients receives individualized treatment and attention to ensure the best results.



3. Non-Invasive First

In an era of over-prescription and surgery, we pride ourselves in our non-invasive approach to pain relief. However, our medical doctors are available whenever medication is needed.


4. Evidence Based Treatment

Medicine and health care are changing everyday, therefore it’s important to be up to date with any new treatments.  Our physicians review the medical literature to ensure you are getting the best and latest treatment available.




5. Our Professional Network

There are certain conditions that require more specialized care.  If after our initial treatment plan we don’t see any improvement, we’ll consider further diagnostic testing, and a referral to the right physician for further evaluation.  We work closely with other specialties including podiatrist, physiatrist, neurologist, orthopeadist, rheumatologist and pain management physicians.